Monday, April 27, 2009

Fajitas - Vietnamese Style

I love Vietnamese food. But I'll be honest, it's focused for the most part around phô and banh mi. I've had the odd dish of lemongrass chicken, and the delicious Vietnamese coffee served with condensed milk ... but for me that's been more than enough to know I like this cuisine.

I'd been reading about something call "Bò 7 món" ... literally, beef 7 ways. It's a series of beef dishes served with the usual assortment of been sprouts, Thai basil and other sliced and julienned veggies. Curious, I called my friend (and personal Asian food expert) Lee to try this specialty out at Song Huong.

Song Huong is typical of most Vietnamese restaurants in Vancouver. Low on decor, high on freshness. Neither of us had enough time to tackle 7 dishes at lunch ... nor the time we'd need for the post-meal nap. So, we opted for the slightly less daunting "Bò 3 món." It's essentially the same dish, but without the raw beef or the soup course found in the 7.

Along with the veggies, herbs, pickles and sauces, you're also presented with a plate of vermicelli, rice paper wraps and a bowl of hot water. You dip the rice paper in the water to make it pliable, place some of the beef and vegetables on the paper and then wrap it up fajita style. Really excellent all round, and with all those veggies, it HAS to be healthy, right?

Regardless of the nutrition factor, this is a really outstanding dish. Everything was really fresh and served nice and hot. Think of it as a great first date meal, or even a night out with the kids. Nothing is too "out there" and the whole "make your own meal" thing is always a good idea in my book.

Whether you order the 3 or 7 course meal, it's a flat $24.95. It's enough for 3 normal people, or 2 if you happen to eat like me and Lee. To be honest, I took home 6 of the ground beef rolls and a mess of veggies & herbs. They made a terrific snack with a Pino Gris the next night while watching the Canucks.
Song Huong Restaurant
1613 Nanaimo Street
Vancouver, BC V5L 4T9

(604) 251-1151


  1. Yes - it was a nice first date. And excellent food to boot. I will be making beef la lot all summer on the home grill.

  2. I love to cook Vietnamese food but like to go out more. My favorite is Lemongrass Chicken. :d

  3. Mmmmmmm. Lemongrass Chicken. I'm a banh mi junky myself, but for no more than $3.50. Any more than that and they're getting pretentious!


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