Monday, April 20, 2009

New Idea Monday: Raising Your Cooking Game

The appliance industry is always looking for ways to repackage exisitng appliances. Take for example the fridge with the bottom mount freezer or the microwave drawer. It’s the same appliance; we just have to access it differently.

Sometimes change is a good thing. The bottom mount freezer brings the fridge part, the part we access the most, to a more accessible height.

Sometimes change is … well … change. Take for example the new Gaggenau BL 253 Lift Oven. You don’t access this oven from the front. It mounts on the wall, and when you press a button, the floor of the oven lowers to countertop height. Food is placed on the oven floor, a button is pushed, and like ET rising into the mother ship your food is raised into the belly of the oven and cooked.

From Gaggeneau’s web site:

Since heat rises, the heat remains in the oven cavity, resulting in minimal energy loss during the lift operation. The lift oven’s functionality increases safety, as the need to reach into a hot oven to remove food has been eliminated. This fully integrated oven features 11 heating methods, including convection.
No doubt, this oven looks really slick. In fact, virtually all of Gaggeneau’s appliances look great … but, an elevator into your oven? Did we really ask for this? While it does free up counter space it's overall depth will have it sticking out beyond standard wall cabinets.

I'm filing this one under "an answer without a question." But then, I thought that about the Miele built-in coffee makers.


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