Monday, April 13, 2009

New Idea Mondays: Fridge Art Done Right

Something a little off-beat for today's NIM.

Visit most family kitchens and you’re likely to see their refrigerator covered in a wide variety of photographs, magnetic numbers & letters and colourful kids’ art.

The frigid monolith of macaroni-montages and glitter paintings may be beautiful to the family, but to most others … well, let's be honest. How much can one fridge take?

The folk at Motifo have come up with a brilliant answer to fridge art. Their magnetic art works packages include just under 1300 magnetic pieces, enough to turn any magnetic surface into a work of art. Available in black & white and colour, each kit contains 6 mosaic design patterns, and once you’ve grown tired of those, the wed site offers up new designs on a regular basis.

Motifo is available at several shops in Australia, or by shopping online.


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