Friday, April 17, 2009

Nothing Faux-ny Here

A morning espresso and a pain au chocolat. I'm not sure if I enjoy anything more to start my day. It's probably the first thing I eat when visiting Paris. And while there are many many establishments throughout Metro Vancouver that serve excellent coffee, very few have the ambiance you get in a French café. That's not a bad thing. After all, we're not Paris. But when you're looking for a relaxing way to start the day, the French have it figured out.

Truth be told, it really has little to do with the food itself. It's more about the routine. The familiar face behind the counter, your favorite table, the music wafting through the room as the world rushes by.

And when you find such a place, there's a bit of reluctance whetheror not to share it with anyone. You may have friends that would appreciate your discovery, but there's also the fear that your secret hideaway will become the new "in" spot, leaving no space, and no ambience for you.

Fortunately, I'm the sharing type.

And so I present to you the Café at Les Faux Bourgeois. The café is an addition to the recently opened Les Faux Bourgeois restaurant which sits on a strange little triangle of park, just off the intersection of Kingsway & Fraser.  It's very tiny, with table seating for 8 or so, and counter seating for 3. As you can see by the menu the offerings are limited, but what is offered is top notch. My pain au chocolat was devoured before I thought to photograph it.

Now, if someone would put in a boules court in the little park across the street ...

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