Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring has Sprung - Part II

I think I've mentioned the weather here hasn't been great. In fact it's been downright frigid. This week however, things have improved, and we've actually seen signs that Spring is on the way. And if there's one thing you can learn about Vancouverites, it's that we SPRINT outdoors once the good weather arrives. And sprint we did.

Today is Good Friday ... which means a 4 day weekend for many folk in Canada. So J and I grabbed the dogs and headed off to Rocky Point Park in Port Moody. This is one of my favourite places in Metro Vancouver. It's right beside the ocean, there are lots of trails to stroll some animals, and there's a Pajo's Fish & Chips in the park.

We skipped Pajo's today (SOB!) and instead made a picnic lunch, using the bread my son made last weekend. We also brought along some olives and pepperoncini peppers (LOVE these things) to augment the sandwiches. Add a little smoked chicken and some liver pate and you have a perfect excuse to walk your dogs 6 km around Burrard Inlet.

My message for today: good food is as much about ingredients as it is about where you eat it. If you're inside reading this today, grab something out of your fridge and get yourself outside!


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