Thursday, April 23, 2009

We're All In This Together

Whether you decide to renovate your kitchen on your own, employ a design firm or hire a general contractor, it is imperative that all parties communicate well with each other. Framers, drywallers, plumbers and millworkers all rely on each other to prepare the job site for their section of the job.

If the framers don't follow the architects plans, the kitchen window might end up a couple inches from where it was planned. Not a big deal right? If the window isn't in the right location, the cabinets that were planned for that kitchen won't fit the way they were designed. Now we have a much bigger issue, since the homeowner was expecting the sink to be centred beneath the window

The firm I work with offers both full kitchen remodelling and installed cabinets & countertops only. If we are providing a complete remodel, it's easy to stay in communication with all the trades and make sure everyone's on the same page. But if my client is using their own contractor, it becomes even more important to be sure the design the client and I have planned is communicated to all involved.

Good plans are important. A picture is worth 1000 words. But nothing communicates like a site visit, face to face with the tradespeople. This week I made two site visits to a job site just to confirm how a window was being framed. Next week, I'll be meeting with the electrician to ensure the ceiling lights don't conflict with the cabinetry, the pendant lights are centred over the island, and low voltage wire is in the correct locations for my under cabinet lighting.

This extra work up front will pay off in 8 weeks when the cabinets are installed. True, lights can be moved and drywall patched and repaired. But if some simple information is communicated to all involved, delays are avoided, and the porject is completed sooner.


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