Monday, June 15, 2009

New Idea Monday: No Wires Attached

The Leviton Wireless Sensing Solution combines the energy saving benefits of occupancy sensors with self-powered and wireless technologies.

From an energy-saving point of view, occupancy sensors are a no-brainer. In fact, this technology is law in countries like France. I won’t lie … it takes some getting used to. But after a couple days you’ll find yourself wandering through your house or apartment with a smug grin on your face. Why? You’ll never worrying about finding a light switch again, and you’ll have reduced your carbon footprint that much further.

As if that wasn’t enough, the whole system is wireless. Simply wire the Wireless Wall Switch Receiver into a standard light switch, mount the remote sensor on the ceiling, and add as many wireless switches as you like, and you’re done! No new wires, no holes in the wall, no wondering why the light in the other room doesn’t work because your electrician accidentally disconnected the wrong wire.


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