Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Blue Comes to Town (Sort Of)

Ever since the Vancouver Whitecaps were awarded an MLS franchise for 2011, I've been wanting to take a trip down the I-5 to Seattle. The Sounders FC , who used to be in the USL1 with the Whitecaps started in the MLS this year. I wanted to see what we were in for.

Premiere League team Chealsea FC was in town last weekend for an exhibition match against the Sounders, and my friend Abra was also having a big party the same weekend at her home on Bainbridge Island. A road trip was definitely in order.

This was my first visit to Qwest field. Normally, when the Sounders play a regular season MLS match, the stadium is set up to hold 20,000 fans. For the match against Chelsea there were more than 65,000 in attendance.

As impressive as the stadium (and the game) was, the food we discovered was equally unimpressive. Okay, the beer selections were fine, but the shopping-mall like mix of pizza, Chinese noodles and garlic fries who's revolting aroma is permanently etched into my mind was saddly lacking.

We went with the pizza because it seemed the item least likely to get screwed up. We were almost right. Kinda like raw dough with pepperoni. A much better idea would be to visit one of the many pubs around the stadium beforehand.

The Final Score
Now, for the REAL food adventures from this weekend, I made a guest appearance over at French Letters. Easily made up for that pizza.


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