Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Comfort Ticket for Granite

The "anti-stone" lobby has been very active as long as I have been in this business.

Because stone (granite, marble, etc.) is a natural product it is prone to many shortcomings, porosity being the big one, that other man-made materials are not, something the producers of these products are quick to point out.

Thanks to new technology, that glass of red wine on your Giallo Veneziano countertops will no longer be a cause for alarm. Permanent stone sealers are starting to make their presence known in the market place.

Earlier this year I began reading about a "Nano Sealer" from Tekon Industries. The video is pretty impressive, but because I was unable to source the Tekon product locally, I started wondering who else was in the game.

I've recently started using Top Notch Granite & Marble (Coquitlam, BC) as a countertop supplier. I noticed an addition on each of the quotes I received, referring to Granite Shield. A quick Google and I was soon knee-deep in their web-site ... which like the Tekon video is pretty impressive.

Depending if the granite is considered light, medium or dark, each type of stone takes a different application process and then is capped with catalyzing polymers with a permanent carbon crystal sealant which then locks the catalyzing polymer into the stone. The carbon crystal sealant forms a molecular bond with the granite which can not be removed thus creating a lifetime seal plus leaving your granite more vibrant, smoother, shinier and maintenance free.

In addition to being applied to new countertop installations, these new protectants can be applied to existing granite countertops and can go through any existing sealer or pre-sealed granite. A service like this from Top Notch will run you around $10 per square foot and can be completed in only a few hours.

Bottom line, we're talking about lifetime warranties on stone countertops! I will admit right now I have never used this product, so I cannot endorse it. But the thought of being able to use any stone ... yes, even marble ... in the kitchen without fear of staining opens up a whole new palate of possibilities.


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