Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Resources - Kitchen Culture: Re-inventing Kitchen Design

I still turn to books as my primary resource for technical information and project ideas. For me, a book requires more research, so the information is a bit more concise than what one might find on ... oh I don't know ... a blog.

My bookshelves are full of design books; some technical, some merely of the coffee-table variety. But they are always nearby when I start a new project. In the "Resources" category on useful spaces, I'll be sharing some of my favorites and hopefully giving you a new source of inspiration.

Kitchen Culture: Re-inventing Kitchen Design

Johnny Grey is completely responsible for my career choice. Years ago when I was designing for a big box home center, I came across Grey's The Art of Kitchen Design and never looked back. Grey's ability to see a kitchen beyond the walls of the room opened my eyes to the possibilities of this field of design.

In Kitchen Culture, Grey continues to inspire us with his design, but adds his insight into the function of the kitchen. He examines different storage options for your cabinetry, different countertop materials and brings it all home presenting a number of case studies from actual projects. Beautifully photographed and illustrated it is an excellent resource for anyone considering a new kitchen project.


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