Monday, November 30, 2009

New Idea Monday: Going to the Edge

We live in a three dimensional world. Which creates a bit of a problem in the design world, since the majority of the work we do with presentation documents uses only 2 dimensions. As a designer I'm able to easily visualize what a 2D drawing of a crown moulding will look like once it's installed. But for a client who doesn't do this all the time, 2D drawings often leave an incomplete picture.

If you're faced with this problem for you countertop edges however, there is hope. The website has a great tool to help not only pick your countertop edge, but the colour as well. Click the edge you want, and voila, that edge is rotating in front of you in life-like 3D. Click on different colours to help you visualize the finished product.

Note: Remember, not all edges will be offered by all countertop fabricators. Be sure to check with your designer or fabricator before setting your heart on a specific profile.


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