Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Idea Monday: A New Twist on Saving Energy

If your local power authority is anything like BC Hydro, you are likely being bombarded with an energy saving programme like Power Smart. We're told one of the big energy wasters in the home is leaving items like phone chargers and computer equipment plugged in.

So why don't we just unplug things? Well, for me, it's simply because of the inconvenience of pluging and un-plugging ... and the more inconvenient something is, the less likely many of will be to do it.

Enter the Plug-n-Twist. Designer Yong-jin Kim has come up with a clever way to turn off a circuit while leaving your charger plugged in. A simple twist turns the circuit on or off. This product is still in the concept stage, but is a great example of a simple solution for one of life's annoying little problems.

Thanks to Design Milk for this one.


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