Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reader Question: What's in the Corner? It's Magic!

I just received this question from a reader about the Richmond kitchen in the last post:
Curious: what are the corner cabinets in the intersection of the counter with the tall cabinets?

The cabinets that go into the corner (in this case they're all tall cabinets) are what we refer to in the industry as "blind" i.e. access to the cabinet is through a door on one side, with the other side being blocked by other cabinetry. The big problem with this sort of corner treatment is the "blind" portion is hard to get to. You need really long arms or a small child to gain access to the deep dark recesses in the back.

The lazy susan is probably the best known way to deal with corner storage, but they don't work very well in blind corner situations. Enter the "Magic Corner." Specifically designed for blind corners, the magic corner gives almost 100% access to the corner without using a small child. 2 sizes are made; one for base cabinet applications, and one for taller (up to 54" high) applications. In this job, I used both.


veaplan said...

What a lovely corner solution.. :) You wouldn't happen to know the name of the manifacturer?

Arne Salvesen said...

Indeed I do! The company is called Kessebohmer. Here's a link to the Magic Corner page on their website. They're distributed by Richelieu in Canada, but your local distributor may be different.

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