Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Everything Old Is Old Again (Still?)

The design industry, in particular the kitchen design industry, spends a lot of time focusing on the new, or the latest trends. We spend a lot of time and effort ensuring our latest project doesn't look dated. Granted, there's something to be said about making sure the Harvest Gold refrigerators or New Orleans Blue bathroom fixtures never again see the light of day.

But what if you really like that sort of thing? What if you own a well kept mid-century home and just want a kitchen that looks appropriate to the home, just newer? Enter Pam Kueber and her brilliant web site Retro Renovation.

If you're looking for a source of inspiration for your retro-reno project, Retro Renovations is the place. It's extremely well written and a great resource for all aspects of renovations for projects trying to capture a look all the way back to the 1940's. Retro Renovations also promotes the belief that any project should employ qualified trades people. Translation: don't re-wire the kitchen yourself unless you're qualified.

Pam's site also bring to mind another aspect of the retro look I appreciate: It unintentionally promotes an environmentally friendly approach to design. Rather that throwing out everything, ask yourself what can be kept? Can the fridge be re-fit with a new compressor and re-painted? Can the light fixtures be cleaned up and re-installed? Sometimes it's just not possible, but rather than tossing everything out, consider what CAN be done.


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