Monday, June 28, 2010

NIM: Changing Channels in the Kitchen

In a previous NIM I featured a cabinet design that featured the items behind the door.  Today's product definitely places all the focus on the door itself.

Located in Manchester, England, Luxurite describes itself as a "leading TV solution provider."  Their product line features slim-line LCD screen televisions that are hidden cleverly into many areas of the home.  Their Kitchen Cabinet TV is one of the nicest solutions to adding a TV to the kitchen that I've come across.  Rather than the typical solutions of hanging a TV from the wall, or inside/beneath a cabinet, the TV is integrated into the door itself.

They offer two version:  one where the TV unit is embedded into the door provided by your cabinet maker, and another where they manufacture a black mirror door, with the TV invisible when it's turned off.  Each unit is available with WiFi and a wireless mouse & keyboard so you can bring the Internet into the kitchen along with Food Network.


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