Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kitchen Time Machine

My family has some summer property in the Coquihala Valley in BC.  It's reasonably remote, about a two-and-a-half hour drive from home which used to be more like five hours before the Coquihala Highway came into existence.  Because of the distance, trips into town (Merrit) for provisions were rare ... so, we'd stock up the cupboards each trip.

Fast forward to today, and some now very full kitchen cupboards.  For you see, as good as we were at stocking the kitchen, we were equally poor at emptying them.  It is after all a summer place that only sees  limitted use during the winter.  Stuff gets forgotten, hidden ... and in some cases preserved for all eternity.  On a recent trip we finally did a little purging, and found a few gems I thought I'd share.

Coffee Mate ... ♫ makes your cup of coffee taste great♫.  Honestly, this one didn't surprise me at all.  After all, even The Brain knew that this stuff was capeable of some serious destruction!  Coffee Mate was introduced to the market in 1961, but the containers today are plastic.  This one is glass, which puts it in the late 80's to early 70's range.  The product inside, as far as I could tell, could rival Twinkies in the longevity department.

Empress Orange Crystals and Hawaiian Punch!  (Empress is a house brand for Safeway)  We must have consumed gallons of this stuff over the years!  I was surprised there was no Tang.  In fairness to mom and dad, we didn't get much in the way of sodas at the cabin.  Just flavoured crystals and lake water☺
Carnation Instant Hot Chocolate ... "Incredibly Delicious!"  What I'd like to know is what did the person on the package ADD to their Hot Chocolate? He looks way to happy.  If I remember correctly, there was also a version that came with little dehydrated marhmellows.  MMMMMMM!


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