Monday, May 23, 2011

NIM - Get Natural in the Shower

The calming characteristics of a single slab of stone make it a natural fit in the bathroom. Until recently however it was limited to flat surfaces; typically countertops, shower walls and floors. Using stone for a shower base meant it needed to be cut into tiles that, while still beautiful, don’t have the same impact as a single slab.

Photo: Balance
The designers at Balance hope to remedy this with their line of single piece, stone shower trays. Using bluestone they've created a wide array of designs to help you bring the beauty of stone into the shower. The stone is presented as it’s found, unrefined, and is available on several colours including Abanilla Black (shown) Sand Line, Blue Line and Habana Brown. The stone is gorgeous to be sure, but the organic contours of each design would look amazing in almost any material. I particularly like the use of the lineal drain.

To see the full line of Balance shower trays, or to inquire about export from the Netherlands, check out their website.


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