Monday, May 30, 2011

NIM - Kitchen in a Box

As apartments in our major urban centres become smaller and smaller, designers are faced with the dilemma of having to do more with less. Designers Kristin Laass and Norman Ebelt took on this design problem in the kitchen by creating a complete kitchen that fits inside 1 cubic metre.

Photo: Dornob
The "box" is in fact several layers or parts that fold, pull and swing into each other.  All aspects of a full sized kitchen are included:  cooking, cleaning, refrigeration, storage.  Even a dining table is factored in (the white "cover| for the box).

Photo: Dornob
What's also clever about this design is that it takes into consideration the work flow of standard kitchen tasks.  Items are accessible when they are needed, making the work space efficient as well as compact.

Photo: Dornob
Obvious concerns I would have pertain to plumbing and electrical services.  But should I ever find myself living in a 400 square foot apartment in Paris-St. Germain I'll find a way to make it work.

Source:  Dornob


annporter said...

That's one of the most clever "box" solutions yet. I agree that you would have to know exactly where you'd want your box to sit. I can't imagine anyone ever really needing to put the dining area back on top since you have more surface area with it open.

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