Monday, May 9, 2011

NIM - Light Up Your Patio Life

It's spring, or so they tell me.  At least the days are getting longer.  For my family, that means eating outdoors whenever possible.  Something about dining al fresco just makes the food taste better and the evening breeze a little sweeter.

The Luna table by Manutti seems to embrace this idea as well. Very sleek and modern, the only thing remarkable about the Luna is the strip of LED lights running down each leg. Once the evening sun sets, the lights turn on automatically, adding a sense of drama to your deck and cleverly highlighting what you don't want to stub your toes on.

via Trendir


Furniture Los Angeles said...

This is a wonderful and a energy-saver furniture. Is it already available in the market?

Arne Salvesen said...

Certainly in Europe. I haven't seen it in North America but I'm sure you could import it.

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