Monday, May 2, 2011

NIM - Sink in the Round

The last time I was at KBIS (the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) I was blown away by the new ideas that were being presented.  Concepts that had been considered "standards" were being turned on their side and looked at in a whole new way.

Photo: Blanco
One of the company's that really stood out for me during that show was plumbing fixture manufacturer Blanco, and they continue to impress with the Ronis.

The Ronis is a perfect addition to the ever increasing list of fixtures and appliances designed for smaller spaces.  It focusses on using integrated accessories to make the most of 1.75 square feet of area.  The cutting board can rotate into any position allowing for use from all sides ... handy if you install it on an island or peninsula.  The Ronis would aslo work well as a prep sink or a well equipped bar sink.

Photo: Blanco
The sink can be installed using an undermount application, or as a flush mount with it's sleek 25mm rim accenting the deep bowl.  The sink comes with a cutting board and the "bridge accessory" that holds two stainless steel bowls.

Now for the bad news ... Ronis is, as far as I can tell, a concept.  I had hoped to find out more at KBIS last week but Blanco did not exhibit this year. I'll dig a little further and report back here with my findings.

UPDATE!: I've been contacted by the good folks at Re-think The Sink, Blanco Canada's excellent blog on all things kitchen-related, and the Ronis is in fact available.  Details are available on their web site, as well as a dealer locater.  Nice work!

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Decor Girl said...

Thanks for posting something I missed! One can always count on their twitter friends.

It was nice meeting you & your wife at the show!

Arne Salvesen said...


There's so much territory at the show, so it's almost impossible to see it all.

ClarityK (Sarah) said...

It's on the 2011 Showroom Catalog - page 89 - so more than a concept now (woohoo!)

Arne Salvesen said...


Re-Think the Sink contacted me with the details. I've corrected the post above ... thanks for the head's up!

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