Saturday, June 11, 2011

Crystal Clear Bathtub

I thought I’d seen it all in terms of bathroom luxury and, dare I say it, excess with the NUMI toilet from Kohler. But since then I’ve had my eyes opened to the fact that $6,500 for a toilet is small change in the plumbing world.

This bathtub (named Crystal Bathtub – low originality points there) has been hand-crafted by Baldi out of a single block of pure white crystal. Crystal Bathtub is 2 meters in length and 55cm in height, and will set you back a mere $790,000.  It's a perfect place to soak away all the stress from counting all your money.

The original block of crystal weighed in right around 10 tons, so I'd expect the Crystal Tub will need some reinforcement in the flooring members.  Make sure your staff look after that.  And while they're at it, be sure to find a tub filler more suitable for a tub of this grandeur.  Just a though.



Nick @ Cupboards said...

Love this... Problem is, to adequately display such a piece one would need a HUGE space.

plumbing said...

Yeah I agree with him. For a practical and economical type of costumer, choosing this type of tub would mean he/she would consume much space, and the chances of buying it would be down to zero. Thus, I love the design, it's quite unique.

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