Monday, June 20, 2011

Experiencing GE Monogram & Louisville, KY

Photo: GE Monogram Experience Center
Keeping a blog has its perks.  At the beginning of the year the fine folk at Brizo invited me and 18 other bloggers and designers to New York to learn about their products.  This week my jet-setting self is off to Louisville, Kentucky courtesy* of GE Monogram.  We'll settle in for 2 days of learning and cooking at the GE Monogram Experience Center, and will be staying at the very cool 21C Museum Hotel.  In between ... well this IS the land of bourbon, bats and barbeque right?  Our schedule is tight, but some of the group I met in New York are planning a get-away to seek out some of those famous Kentucky ribs and Mint Julips.

Photo: 21C Museum Hotel
I'll be updating via Twitter during my stay.  You can follow me at @ArneSalvesen or via the #GEJune hashtag.  Blog posts for Useful Spaces will come as time permits (Translation: Between BBQ visits)

*My trip and expenses are paid for by GE but my words, opinions, tweets, quips, etc. are nothing but my own.


Brenda Lynn said...

Arne, it was so great to finally meet you and get to hang out with you this past week. It was SO much fun! The red penguins were so interesting and fun! I hope that you got your humidity problem taken care of.

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