Friday, June 17, 2011

Food Fridays: Pronto in the Cambie Village

The Cambie Village is the stretch of Cambie Street between Broadway and 16th, and while the concept may be a marketing creation by the local merchants, it is a very appropriate title.  Similar to The Heights (near my home), The Village (where our showroom is located) has a real neighbourhood feel to it.  During the Canada-Line construction, the Village businesses pulled together and started helping each other out.  Today the neighbourhood feeling is getting stronger as new businesses open, adding to the flavour and diversity of the area.

The area definitely got much tastier with the opening of Pronto Caffe, just across the street from the Park Theatre.  Pronto is a brand new restaurant that seems to have pulled its design inspiration from a combination of 50's  features diner and Vespa.  Sit down with a glass of Valpolicella and you'll half expect Marcello Mastroianni to join you in your booth.

Pronto's speciality is the heavenly creation known as porchetta.  Porchetta is Italian roast pork, stuffed with herbs and roasted for about 4 hours on the premises. You'll notice the heavenly aroma the moment you walk in the door.  The result is an incredibly flavourful roast pork.

Pronto offers porchetta sandwiches and dinners, served with fresh and seasonal sides like roasted potatoes. They also offer a range of other sides (like sauted kale) traditional dishes (panini, pasta, etc.) and even offers some vegetarian options.  Several people came in for take-out while I was there, so once the weather improves you may want to consider a porchetta picnic!

The atmosphere is casual and friendly – a great place to for a satisfying pre-movie snack.  Personally, if they keep serving me cracklin's (left) I may buy myself a Vespa and move in!

Pronto Caffe
3473 Cabie Street
Vancouver, BC


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