Thursday, June 9, 2011

Resources: Kelly's Kitchen Sync

I "met" Kelly Morisseau almost 2 years ago via her blog Kitchen Sync.  Her forthright advice on kitchen design and remodelling was very much in line with my way of thinking, and Kitchen Sync gave me inspiration for what I wanted Useful Spaces to become.  It's been on my Blog Roll ever since and is a regular read for me.

So you can imagine my dismay (tongue planted firmly in my cheek) when Kelly announced the release of her book, "Kelly's Kitchen Sync".  She's managed to take her 25 years of kitchen design experience and format it into an easy to follow 210 pages.  How am I supposed to keep up with this??

Unlike the majority of design books out there, Kelly's Kitchen Sync features very few photographs, which as it turns out is a very good thing.  This isn't a "look how pretty these kitchens are" book.  Rather, it's a "this is the best way to make your kitchen functional and beautiful and not pull all your hair out while doing it" book.  The pictures it does feature are there to illustrate a point.  The rest of the book is a collection of experience-filled advice.  My favorite of the lot?  Kelly's mantra:

Not all products work well in every kitchen. 
Not all products are compatible with each other

This theme (my version is "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should") is repeated throughout the book in different ways, and it nicely sums up the secret to a successful kitchen project.  There is a plethora of kitchen choices available today (materials, finishes, appliances, etc) and they can lead you into trouble if you don't take the time to address the details.  Whether you plan on doing that yourself or hiring a professional Kelly helps you identify what those details are, and how to recognize potential trouble.  

Kelly's Kitchen Sync is divided into four sections.  The first part deals with the expectation vs. reality aspect of remodelling, and leads into the second part which deals with figuring out how to put things into motion to realize that reality.  The third section is where her tricks of the trade can be found.  Ever hear of a faucet wedgie?  You will here, and learn how to avoid them.  The final section of the book addresses how to put the first 3 parts together, and how to do your own review once your kitchen is finished. 

What's appealing about this book is how it can work for so many different types of clients.  Whether you're a "Reluctant Remodeller" or a "Enthusiastic DIY-er", there's is something you can learn.  I've been reading it for the past few days and I'm still coming across ideas I'll put into practice.  This is a definite "must include" in any Design library.

Kelly’s Kitchen Sync: Insider Kitchen Design and Remodeling Tips from an awardwinning kitchen expert
Publisher: Springline Media, May 2011
222 pages
Retail price: $ 19.95 (U.S. and Canada)
ISBN # 978-0-9828732-0-5
Available at, (Barnes & Noble), and


Becky @ Eco-Modernism said...

I've been tweeting w/ Kelly almost as long as I've been on twitter. I love her straightforward candor & gold mine of experience!

Birds of a feather. Which is also what I like about you! :D

Arne Salvesen said...

Garsh :-)

The inter-web is a wondrous place. Lots of great people to share ideas with.

KellyM said...

Thanks, Arne, for the great review!

This is my favorite line: This isn't a "look how pretty these kitchens are" book. Rather, it's a "this is the best way to make your kitchen functional and beautiful and not pull all your hair out while doing it" book." Thanks for getting it.

Also, thanks for being virtual Grill Master for my launch party. You and Alfred did a beyond spectacular job!

מטבחים said...

thanks you kelly for great post and useful information!!!

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