Monday, June 13, 2011

WIP - False Creek Remodel - Part 3

It's nowhere near as bad as it looks.

I says these words to virtually every customer at this point of a remodel.  The room has been gutted, wires and plumbing exposed and any "problems" we have to deal with are exposed for the world to see.  And it looks a mess.

This is where we were at at the beginning of the week at the False Creek Remodel.  The plumbing was where we thought it was, and also where we didn't think it was.  The wires you see in the photo on the left are actually lengths of conduit (metal pipe through which wires are run) that don't fit into our new plan.  Fortunately, because of some through planning, we have planned for all of this.

This is what the room looks like now.  All the unnecessary conduit has been cleared out, the PEX has been cleared out where we removed walls, and the new walls and drops have been framed in.  It's starting to look like the Sketchup models we looked at in the last post.  The short little wall in the middle of the room is a "pony" wall that will have the cooktop on the far side, and a raised eating bar (and wine racks) on the near side.

The PEX that needed to be cleared out also needed to be re-routed through the walls and drops we've created in the new layout.  My plumber has his work cut out for him.  Lots of PEX, plus a re-designed bathroom to plumb.  He's currently working in the new shower we've created.  There was a brief moment where the drain assembly wasn't cooperating and it was looking like we were going to have to bring out the jack-hammer.  Fortunately brute force prevailed and we avoided having to deal with a mile of red tape.

These are the drops that are allowing us to re-route all the plumbing and electrical in the suite.  Much like the "shroud" that surrounds the fridge and wall oven, I've tried to use the drops as part of the design.  The last thing I want in any design is to have to frame in something that doesn't look like it belongs.  The drops will help define the kitchen space, which hides their true purpose of housing all our mechanical services.

I haven't discussed the front hall closet yet.  It was originally two separate closets which looked very disjointed and only allowed for a stacking washer & dryer.  By combining the two closets into one wider and deeper closet (we'll add sliding doors later) we have a more useful space, and have enough room for a side-by-side arrangement for the washer dryer.

I mentioned earlier about finding potential problems once the walls had been opened up.  This is one such "problem".  It's a drain stack from the deck for the suite above ours ... and it's NOT moving.  So, the wall we had hoped to completely remove becomes a post.  It's not the end of the world (which is why we didn't think to check this wall before we started) and the new post will help frame the living space beyond.

The electrical and plumbing will be finished by the end of the week and with some luck the ducting for the new hood fan will be installed.  We'll look at that more closely in Part 4, and look at the suite as we start to close in the walls with drywall.

WIP: False Creek Remodel is an actual remodel project of mine that I'm blogging in real time.  To see all the entries in this series just click the FOLLOW ME buttons at the top right of this page.  If there's any part of the project you're interested in, leave me a note in the comments section.


Joseph said...

Wow, this is a heck of a project you've got going here! I've done some minor remodeling in our home. Fortunately, I have a personal friend who is a licensed California general contractor, so I make sure to have him onsite when I'm removing walls and such. You never know what kind of surprises you're going to find!

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