Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIP - False Creek Remodel - Part 4

When I decided to do document remodels "as they happened" I knew I was opening myself up to the possibility of showing mistakes to the world.  The fact is, "things" happen.  What you want to pay attention to is how they are handled.  But before I discuss the "thing" that happened, I'll show you the light at the end of the tunnel ...

This is where we are today.  It's drywall time! Framing is finished, plumbing rough-ins complete and the electrical ... wow.  The electrical.  I knew we were going to need a lot of wring in this job, but 1400' (450 metres) of cable!  That's a LOT of wire being pulled.  Not surprising really when you consider that we were moving the kitchen approximately 10' from its original location.  Another consideration for this project is the fact it uses steel framing.  That means we needed shielded cable shielded cable which is considerably more expensive than Lumex (Romex) house wiring.  Thankfully I've worked in apartments in this area before and knew what to expect.  Still ... 1400'!

This is probably my favourite part of the remodel.  Yes, the kitchen will be amazing, but the new shower is 48" wide by 36" deep ... and we managed to raise the ceiling.  You can't really tell by this picture, but the new shower feels cavernous.  There will be a hand-held shower head and a frame-less glass shower door.  In the bulkhead above the shower we even have managed to fit a water-proof shower light.
And now, the "thing".

I received a phone call from the customer at about 7am last Friday morning.  One of the pipes in the bathroom had burst and there was water throughout the suite, the hallway and unfortunately a neighbouring suite.  The restoration company had been called and was on the way, the electrician had already shut of the electricity in the suite, and the contractor and plumber were on the way to help with the clean-up.

My father always told me that true character is shown during adversity.  The trades responded quickly and professionally, and the customer is keeping this incident in perspective. I know he's not happy about what has happened.  Nor is the neighbour.  Nor am I.  But when we spoke that morning he commented on how fortunate it was that it happened before the drywall had been completed.  I added that it was fortunate the hardwood flooring wasn't installed.  Silver linings are helpful at times like this.

The neighbours had no silver lining and have been inconvenienced while repairs are done to their suite.  If the restoration contractors do as good a job on the neighbouring suite as they did on my client's, they'll be good as new in no time.  That doesn't eliminate the inconvenience, but hopefully they'll take comfort in knowing the job is being handled properly.  Not to make light of the situation, but this is why you should always use a qualified remodelling contractor, and have contracts in place.

Next up in the False Creek Remodel:  The Cabinets arrive!

WIP: False Creek Remodel is an actual remodel project of mine that I'm blogging in real time.  To see all the entries in this series just click the FOLLOW ME buttons at the top right of this page.  If there's any part of the project you're interested in, leave me a note in the comments section.


Decor Girl said...

Great post, Arne. It is not what if things go wrong, it is how people respond when they do - you got it! Good contractors are worth it every time.

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