Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gallery: West Side Kitchen - Before & After

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I debuted this kitchen on the Paradigm Kitchen Design blog last week, but since it's one of my projects I wanted to expand on it a bit here.

I have adopted the habit of photographing all of my projects before they start, while they are taking place (see my WIP series for some examples) and of course once they're complete.  The visual impact of a set of "Before & After" photographs is pretty big, especially if, as in this situation, the "before" needed a lot of work.

As you scroll through the pictures featured here from one of my recent projects, think about the changes you could make to make your kitchen the dream space you'd like it to be.  Make a set of your own "before" pictures, then meet with your local kitchen designer to see what's possible.


Leslie Fine said...

Wow - What a big change from before to after! Great space planning in a limited space, wonderful materials used. From drab to fab!

Edins House said...

Wonderful work Arne! Love the you repositioned the sink, that you installed not only a beautiful, but appropriate hood fan for a gas range, love the floor w/ cabinetry colour and I'm crazy about the white counters & backsplash time. Lovely!!

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