Monday, July 18, 2011

NIM: Three New Colourful Consoles

In terms of trends in the bathroom, console vanities have been extremely popular over the past few years.  A "console" is a vanity cabinet that is designed like a separate piece of furniture, as opposed to the "built-in" modular units most cabinet companies use.  They truly add a sense of elegance that fitted cabinetry just cannot approach.  I've collected some images over the past few months of some of my favourites.

The "Doll" suite from Meneghello Paolleli does a fabulous job of incorporating some classic elements into a very modern look.  The turned legs of these consoles provide just the right amount of class to the high gloss doors to allow them to bridge a wide variety of design styles.  My favourite part of the suite?  No, not the model ... the Aqua Blue!  Okay, not quite Aqua, but it's amazing, and the way it contrasts with the white (countertops, legs, etc.) plays on the "balance" as well.

These consoles are a perfect example of what would have happened if designers for the Sun King had access to the big box of Crayola crayons we had as kids.  From Ypsilon, the vanities are "small and pretty, a real bon bon to be savoured and enjoyed in total glamour. Available in different colours, glossy or matt lacquered or with gold or silver leaf." And if the colours weren't perfect enough, the line is called Bon-Bon.

I tend to go more traditional when I select console vanities.  The style just seems to fit the application better.  Then again, this console from Omvivo seems to embrace modernity quite well don't you think?  The turned legs are beautiful, but the real start for me in this piece is the sink.  It features an etched glass bottom, and because the sink itself is raised from the countertop, the light passing through the water will cast some amazing images.  No points for ease of cleaning, but full marks for WOW.


Edins House said...

I hope free standing vanities - consoles - aren't a trend because I love the look and would appreciate seeing the style stick around for a long while! Love the colours and the Omvivo is pretty fab!

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