Monday, July 25, 2011

NIM: Tile Purge Courtesy of Petracer

In the process of doing research for Useful Spaces, I bookmark a lot of articles, web sites and images as inspiration for future articles.  Over time these bookmarks become a bit unruly, so I'll spend some time purging them and leaving the stuff that I find truly inspirational.  While going through a purge today I realized that 3 of the articles I had bookmarked all featured tile from Petracer Tile in Italy.  If you like tile that is just a little outside of the ordinary, I strongly urge you to check out their web site.  As a teaser, here are the tiles featured in the three articles I discovered.

The Savana series brings a bit of jungle love into your project.  Leopard, Zebra and Crocodile textures are featured in a series of bright, inspiring colours.  Petracer's catalogue shows mostly bathroom applications, but I could easily see this in a kitchen.

Tango Rock is a new addition to Petracer's catalogue.  The textured tile is suitable for wall or floor applications.  The patterns also come in contrasting colours (to highlight the raised part of the pattern) but I think I prefer the subtleness of a single colour.

Petracer's Capitonne collection features a tufted diamond design to create that Victorian era bathroom you've always dreamed of.  The series also includes the little button detail, which is available in red, gold or silver.


Edins House said...

That orange crocodile tile is fantastic!!

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