Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIP - False Creek Remodel - Part 5

It's been a while since I last updated the False Creek remodel, and there's good reason for it.  The weather Gods are angry with Vancouver.  If you think back to last year's Winter Olympics, Vancouver was blessed with some pretty terrific weather. Not much in the way of snow, but gorgeous blue skies and unseasonably warm weather.

Well we're paying for it now.  It feels like it's been raining since May, which for the average Vancouverite is no big deal. However, for a Vancouverite waiting for drywall mud to dry, damp weather is a very big deal.  The flood we had didn't help our cause much either.  The suite has been home to no fewer than two fans, and for all of last week one dehumidifier.  It's been wet.

We've delayed the cabinet installation to allow sufficient drying time which inadvertently gave us some time to look after some other things:  repairing the drywall damaged by the flood, and getting a head start on tiling the new shower enclosure.  The drywall was one of those perfect "while we're at it" sort of things that fit nicely in with the contractor's schedule.

Tiling anything is a messy endeavour, so having the opportunity to look after it in an empty suite with no flooring was an opportunity much to good to pass up.  The red on the walls of the shower is a water-proofing treatment we add on top of the concrete board. This ensures a water-tight enclosure and no future issues with tiles popping off the wall.  The floor has been laid ... a simple 2x2 mosaic (from Daltile) with a slight texture to it.  The wall tile will be installed later today and the floor tile will wait until the hardwood is installed in a couple weeks.  More on that in a future post.

So while we wait for the cabinetry to arrive (Monday the 11th!) we're also giving the floors a scrape and a wash.  Have I mentioned how messy drywall mud is? Big globs of the stuff were everywhere, which would make installing the hardwood impossible.  Best to have that handles before the flooring installers arrive.  Once the floors are scraped, we also give them a quick wash with some water & vinegar.  This cleans things a little, keeps the dust down, and kills any mould spores that could be hanging around.  The walls will also be primed later this week to further reduce the dust.

This is where the new kitchen will be.  Some of the appliances and all the plumbing fixtures are on site in a tidy pile.  Whenever possible I like to have the appliances on site for the cabinet installation.  This helps take the guess work about things like openings for the fridge or dishwasher.  It also allows the cabinet installer to make any modifications to the cabinetry to allow for any electrical or gas fittings.  On smaller projects this isn't always possible.  But here ... lots of room!

Next week ... and I really mean it this time ... the cabinets arrive!  We'll also be templating for the new quartz countertops and getting ready for the new wood floors.  I'll also be showing off the new hardware I've located for the bi-pass doors in the closets.

WIP: False Creek Remodel is an actual remodel project of mine that I'm blogging in real time.  To see all the entries in this series just click the FOLLOW ME buttons at the top right of this page.  If there's any part of the project you're interested in, leave me a note in the comments section.


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