Friday, July 22, 2011

WIP - False Creek Remodel - Part 7

This week is where we really start seeing the result of all the work the client and I have done in advance of the project.  By this stage, if there were any issues with the layout (space planning) we'd have experienced them by now.  The drain pipe we discovered hidden in one of the walls is an example of that.  But until now, the client has had no proof that the colours and materials we've chosen for the project are really going to work together.

True, we had a flooring sample, and were able to look at it with the door sample, countertops, etc., but for many clients translating this into a full room is difficult, if not impossible. This is where working with a qualified designer really pays off.  A good designer should have the experience to know what's going to work, and what's not.

The client selected the Cabreuva flooring from Stile's Stilnova line.  This is a pre-finished floor that features a 3.5mm layer of solid wood on top of a formaldehyde free birch substrate.  The top layer is finished with 8 coats of very resistant solvent-free acrylic varnish.  The Cabrueva looks a lot like Walnut and will add some real warmth to this room while still retaining the modern aesthetic.

The flooring is simply glued to the sub-floor ... concrete in this case.  As is the case with any installation that involves a substrate, a high quality substrate is essential to a good installation.  The installer spent the better part of a day grinding irregularities out of the concrete, and adding levelling compound to depressions.

Here's the kitchen after the first full day of flooring installation.  My iPhone camera doesn't do the colours justice.  The combination is stunning!  The blue tape you see on the floor is there to hold the joints tight together until the adhesive sets.  You'll also notice a yellow pole in the background.  This pole is "wedged" between the ceiling and the floor to hold the leading edge in place, again until the adhesive sets.

If you've been following this series from the beginning you may also notice that the panels from the back of the peninsula have been removed, and that no toe kicks (plinths) have been installed.  Once the floor is finished, the installer will trim the panels & kicks to fit and install them.  Having the flooring finish underneath these panels results in a much "cleaner" looking installation.

We're now at the stage of the remodel where things are going to start happening very quickly.  Countertops are scheduled to be installed next week.  Soon afterwards, final electrical, plumbing, tiling, painting ... all happening one after the other.  This is what I refer to as being critical path sensitive.  To ensure things continue as smoothly as possible, I'm starting to arrive on the job site with fixtures and materials so the trades will have what they need when they need it.  Yesterday, my little Subaru Impreza was full of plumbing fixtures.  Tomorrow, floor covering to protect the new hardwood.  The next day ceramic tile.

The design world is glamorous, no?

WIP: False Creek Remodel is an actual remodel project of mine that I'm blogging in real time.  To see all the entries in this series just click the FOLLOW ME buttons at the top right of this page.  If there's any part of the project you're interested in, leave me a note in the comments section.


Edins House said...

The flooring is fabulous!
You're right about clients and the challenge they have about how things will look. Guiding them through the design process and managing their expectations is equally challenging for the designer! Sounds like you're doing a great job at this too :-)

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